About M.B

About M.B

Life is too good not to enjoy! An elementary school student who said

I was born into a Christian family as the fourth of five siblings in Chiba Prefecture, just in time for the Heisei era. (Heisei is Japan's original era).

When I was in elementary school, I was a very active boy who ran outside as soon as it was time to play soccer and do other active activities.

If you look back at my childhood photos, you will see me as a fanny boy making funny faces and striking mysterious poses.

On his days off, he would often draw pictures, influenced by his older sister who loved to draw.
He was also a pure boy who didn't understand what it meant to fall in love with a woman when he was in elementary school.

Then, he started playing soft tennis as a club activity in junior high school. He continued to play soft tennis in high school, but at the same time, he was struck by an unexplained health problem that would have a major impact on the rest of his life.
After entering junior high school, he began to play tennis, and from that time on, he rarely drew pictures.

About M.B 2

My mind was lost in the uncertainty of the future.

I am in my third year of high school, and I have to decide what I want to do. I couldn't find what I really wanted to do, and I could only give vague answers to the questionnaires I had to submit every time.

But more than that, my health problems that had started in my first year of high school were getting worse, and the stress of my relationships and the worries of adolescence were getting worse.
I was beginning to feel depressed.
In such a situation, the reality that I had to leave the cage of my protected status as a student and go out into the world was unacceptable.
I can still clearly recall the feelings of despair I felt.
From that time on, I was often tormented by the feeling of wanting to die.
However, being born into a Christian family, I had seen my parents act out the doctrine not only with their words but also with their faith and deeds since I was a child.
I knew that the choice to take my own life was a wrong one, and I strongly felt that I would lose a lot of things if I made that choice, so I stayed put.

I couldn't decide on a career path, and after a year of wandering around, I finally decided to enter a certain university on the advice of my father.
I had always loved children and had a vague desire to become an elementary school or kindergarten teacher, but after talking to my father, who was actually a teacher, I was logically convinced and encouraged to do so.

About M.B 3

The Coming of a Turning Point

I wanted to say that I was ready to enter university and study hard to become a teacher.
However, I was suffering from a physical condition that didn't seem to get better, and my mind was still in an unstable state.
Perhaps that's why I can't stand to be around a lot of people. University lectures were the perfect example. I felt restless all the time and wanted to go home as soon as possible.
In the end, I joined the soft tennis team, which I had planned to end in high school. It didn't matter how bad my health was. It was a place where I could find peace of mind at that moment.
At worst, it was a way to escape from reality.
It was a time when my behavior was inconsistent from all angles.

One of the symptoms of my health problems was that my muscles were unusually tight all over my body, and I always had a general stiffness, not just a stiff shoulder.
When I exercise, it temporarily gets worse.
In fact, an osteopath I knew said it was the worst he had seen in 20 years, and he still didn't know the cause of the tension.

Then came a turning point.
One night, after jogging as part of my club's training menu, I couldn't sleep because my whole body was too tense.
I had been running in high school as well, but this was the first time I was so tense that I couldn't sleep.
I realized that I couldn't do it anymore and decided to quit tennis.

I couldn't even play soft tennis anymore, which had been my spiritual home for so many years. The rest was just a bunch of unpleasant symptoms caused by my health condition.
All that remained were the unpleasant symptoms caused by my health problems, and the inequality, anger, and emptiness in my life. It was supposed to be that way.

But strangely enough, on the day I quit the club, for some reason, I suddenly became determined to become an illustrator! I was suddenly determined to become an illustrator.
It was as if someone else had stepped into my life and changed my mind 180 degrees.
I dare to say here that I am the type of person who drags things out when I break up with a girlfriend. No amount of consoling words will make a difference, and only time will tell.
I'm not very good at sudden changes. And yet, at the time, I felt as if I had lost everything, and in my heart I said, "Yes! in my mind.
Suddenly, I had a goal in mind and was filled with motivation.

I wondered if I had lost my mind, or if I had awakened some kind of inner human being.
Or what is it?

When I told this story to people around me, they said I was amazing, but there was no way I was amazing when my body and mind were in shambles.
Some people may try to explain this in terms of brain science or philosophy.
I still believe, as a Christian and an inadequate human being, that there was indeed a God who pushed me forward at that time.

Since then, I have been working as an illustrator for almost 10 years.
I have been working as an illustrator for almost 10 years now.

Then I met Orangestar, who is also a Christian, and many people came to know about my work.
Based on my own experiences, especially when I work with Orangestar, I hope that the people who come into contact with my work will be cheered up and have a little hope.
I will continue to work with the hope that those who come in contact with our work will be cheered up and have hope.

About M.B 4

About M.B 5

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Type O is often mistaken for Type A.

Strength training, gaming, reading, drawing.

Favorite food/drink
Sushi, salad chicken, smoothies
Protein-rich foods, sweets

Foods I don't like
Shellfish, motsu, hormones, anything that looks horrible.

Recent problems
My 6-month-old son's cheeks are so chewy.
I can't resist kneading them.

What I want to express in my paintings
I value the "excitement" that I feel when I see a work of art.
For this reason, I value visual appeal, such as the impact of an illustration when you see it, but I also want people to notice the tricks and motifs in the picture when they look at it a second or third time, to enjoy the world view, and to feel "excited" when they see the illustration.
I am also planning to offer a service that will allow people to experience the excitement in real life through M.B`s ARTWORKS, not only as a secondary expression.

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